Service Timeline

Service Timeline

Conservative Timeline

  • Timeline can be much shorten if documents are fully prepared and when client cooperate diligently.

  • Trust in our management abilities, prepare all documents needed on time* and paid on schedule.

  • Payment is usually the hindrance and delay for Delivery schedule, as payment takes business days to transact.

  • We wish to have the clients to cooperate on paying on time, at a schedule time frame that we have provided prior beginning of the project.

  • We give the clients the benefit to opt for their own shipping company – if* price per product is not inclusive of shipment & tax.

    • 1

      0.5 - 1 Month • Standard Lead Time

      Sample Construction Process

      Custom Mould DevelopmentProcess

      Packaging Samples

    • 2

      Why 0.5 - 1 Month,

        Submitting specifications

        Locating right department


        Trial Development

        Scheduling Timeline


        Excluding Delivery

    • 3

      10 - 15 Days • Sample Reviewing

      Sample arrived to Intended Destination for confirmation / review Eg: Samples, Mould Samples

      Arrangement for Confirmation on Samples 2 – 7 days

    • 4

      10 - 30 Days • Mass Production
      5 Days • QC + Packing

      Downpayment transfer of 50-70% , depending on scale & price per unit.

      Remaining payment of 50% upon leaving the factory.

    • 5

      5 Days • QC + Packing

      Quality Check, Packing - and Confirmation / Packing List For Shipment

    • 6

      3 - 5 Days • Remaining Payment Transact / Closing

      *If Sea / Air Freight paid by Customer (3-5 Business Working Days for payment transaction)

    • 7

      2 - 8 Days • Scheduling for Land Delivery Collection / 10 - 25 Days • Sea Freight / 2 - 5 Days • Air Freight

      Arrangement and Scheduling - Stocks transfer and boxing to Warehouse / Sea Shipment warehouse

    • 8

      4 - 25 Days • Arrival of Goods.

      Arrival to intended destination

      ( Excluding Clearance of Custom )

    Note: Exclusiventure provides exponential and beneficial solutions to prospective clients that helps them manage cost, moderate spending and employ strategic techniques to improve their business initiative. We adopt the analytics tools that helps understand the dynamics of the market, track trends, and even recovery ways to avert suppression from impending risks. We also specialize in fabric souring, production and sampling, quality control and delivery. We have harnessed experience due to long existence and reign in the industry.

    Personal Responsible Manager

    Each Exclusiventure client is assigned to work directly with a personal responsible manager that will be on-call / via email / communication apps throughout the entire process. This person is saddled with the primary task of providing professional guidance on necessary product information, explore you to the processes of sampling and production to help achieve a better product.

    Flexible Supply Chain

    We bid a flexible supply chain right from the design stage, the sampling and production and to the delivery and shipments. Exclusiventure ensures the execution of plans while involving also involving manufacturing experts who have experience in ODM & OEM. Other factories encompass Textile, Embroidery, Printing, Dyes Workshop, Fabric customisation and more.

    Careful Order Management

    Contact Exclusiventure for the production of your product because we not only keep in touch with clients all through the processes involved, we endeavor to be informative by providing relevant details and data for production. We also keep track on your status in relation to the market dynamics. Read More

    Our relationship and business entanglement with people have been our strengths. These are persons who work closely with international clients, proffering solutions to meet swiftly to their expectations. We are working on projects to facilitate a non-rigid production and branding system for apparel / product designers and entrepreneurs in order to open a wide range of options.

    Manufacturing Process

    Exclusiventure creates a platform that promotes the quality, all-encompassing flexible supply chain to supply the needs of the global demand.

    Here is the setting: every brand works with a production manager. This person serves the purpose of a guardian. We guides you on all the manufacturing processes in order to help you minimize cost and produce goods certain for huge profit. These persons mastermind the timeline of the production processes and guide clients till the finishing stages so as to meet up with deadlines. We work with clients to help them utilize their plans.

    Tech Pack

    A techpack is a template that outlines the instructions and attributes needed by a factory before the product is constructed. This document will detail all measurements, grading, fabric, trims, printing, seams, etc. to be included in the production of a product. Having a complete tech pack is beneficial in streamlining the process and avoiding unnecessary contact with the designer to validate small details in production.

    Exclusiventure offers the service to our clients. You are allowed to have your factory specifications in-hand whether you're manufacturing at our facilities or with another organization.

    Pattern Making

    We fasten your production processes by providing our inhouse blueprint that captures your idea, your sewing processes, etc. We know the importance of this step in concretizing your ideas so has to derive a mind-blowing product. Today, we can digitize this technical request, but also typically create paper patterns too.


    Get the specifications for your target customer. Cost is based on number of requirements in the style. With seasoned professionals who do this daily, we are sure to never miss the mark. Read More

    Employ Exclusiventure's dexterity on popular sizing depending on the target customer. We strive to deliver a product that fits perfectly, the kind you so much expect. Exclusiventure can work within your budget and timeframes.

    Kindly contact us in order to join the league of witnesses to our productiveness.

    Fabric/Material Sourcing

    Fabric/Material sourcing is another specialization under Exclusiventure and we help to manage and produce your custom fabrics/materials. Exclusiventure keeps up with constant communication until the derivation of the desired fabrics and materials reaches you for confirmation, or / simply you can provide us with your desired materials for the making of your desired product.

    Full Production Manufacturing

    Exclusiventure is responsible to watch over the quality control of every production of products, putting into consideration the time it took. At Exclusiventure, all clients engage with our Product Lifecycle Manager (PLM) who enlightens and guides them all through the production processes. Read More

    This connection is made primarily to help our clients reduce risks, errors and also help develop tasks that aligns with the business plan of the client. We offer also in Exclusiventure the service of a production manager who helps manage, coordinate and moderate available resources, production processes and the overall task involved in the manufacturing of the product. This personal production manager sees to informing clients about the dynamics of the market whether the price, global supply rate, delivery rate and logistics, and others. They also help clients track all products on delivery to ensure they reach their expected destination at the exact date.

    Shipping and Logistics

    Despite the sphere of distribution of product, whether domestic or international, Exclusiventure delivers products on time and we also provide a personal production manager that assist you in planning and tracking the delivery of your products. Read More

    You must learn the compositions of production and manufacturing; then will you see reason to patronize Exclusiventure in order to develop a market that attracts customers to your products!