What we provide ?


Mindful of your product success

We understand the frustration that befalls clients when they are filled with deluge Read More

of ideas on how to realize their new products, even some face the aftermath of their previous failed development. We are here to help you understand and measure the possible cost/profit margin, structure and nature of businesses you intend to introduce your product. Even as working as a team with your enterprise, respecting the ethics and norms of your organization, we notify you of updates to help boom your business.

Our key services are as follow:

  • Product Design / Evaluation

  • Risk reduction / Improvement

  • Guidance on the execution of projects


Analysis of Trends and Report

We understand the importance of trends in the blooming of a business. This is the sole reason why Read More

we help you track and analyze trends that will hint you on when to introduce products of your business so as to derive huge profits. We also critically study reports, news update and scientific journals to help us provide objective guidance to our clients, this also gives us a foresight on understanding the complex nature of the business sphere.

We render other services as:

  • In-depth studies and research

  • Interview with experts in line with your field

  • Projection of future events

  • Statistics / Data analysis


Factory-centric Technical Instructions

We are experienced in the forefront of developing goods ( backed with technical / material construction knowledge ) Read More

to create digitally detailed oriented blueprint to instruct producers on what a product will turn out to look like at the finishing stage. For new clients who are clueless on how to begin and wish to seek professionals help in developing in tech pack / specification sheet which is crucial for developing prototype purposes / mass production, please consult with us and get us to provide this service for you.

This service covers:

  • Material Selection / Colourways

  • Technical Design / Technical Construction

  • Measurements, Grading and size

  • Trims,Seams, Labels and Tags


Access to the physical sites of resources

Raw material is a primary material needed for the inception of a manufacturing company. As part of our services,Read More

we privately track available resources putting into consideration the customer’s requirement – we delve into variety of resources such as alcohol, fabrics, metals, chemicals, etc. We look out for companies with raw materials that will not cost the customers much to acquire.

Our services are:

  • Submitting report of sources

  • Details on the price and accessibility

  • Track available sources

  • Manage the import/export of sources


Redefine ideas to real products

We offer the best of customization of goods beginning from the initial stage of production. We have worked with Read More

variety of international companies of different cultural identity and languages so we can help you with the translation of labels on products to coincide with the aesthetics, specification and business proposition of your products. As an experienced manufacturing company, we capture the best of labels that attracts attention although we work in accordance with the interest of clients.

Services include:

  • Manage list of customized products / Contracts

  • Strategize plans for goods development

  • Translation of labels of different languages


Create Standardized products

We have agents who specializes in technical development of products right from the production stage to the marketing phase. Read More

Product development tends to see to the quality of a product so it meets the taste of the buyer’s requirements. We begin by helping you actualize your ideas of new products, formulate strategy, give it standard attributes and packaging to elevate it at the market sphere.

The services we render for product development entail:

  • Idea generation and screening

  • Develop all related concepts

  • Define market strategy

  • Outline business analysis

  • Product technical design


Sample Development

Sampling reveals the lapses of a product before proper production. Sampling is important as it also forms the Read More

business relationship foundation between us and the new customer, before the big production and payment. We provide tweaks to the new sample base on the customer’s requirement. In sample prototyping we re-source close proximity of the material used and rework to better improve the techniques base on the budget provided.

We are experts in producing new samples:

  • Pre-production sampling

  • Redesign of flaws

  • Prototyping before full production


Quality goods for satisfaction

We are equipped with plethora of resources that help us produce good products that meet the need of clients. Read More

These resources encompass knowledgeable agents, designers and product managers. We have responsible managers to take care of the updates, quality check and production timeline. It takes a team to create cooperative client / customer in order to produce good products. The success of the goods production is determined by less than 5% fault in the entire production and that each goods will have to matched the standards of the confirmed product sample.

Among goods production, we work to achieve:

  • Quality Support Services

  • Weekly updates and Reports

  • Availability to request via Email / Video calls


Extensive distribution of products

We are experts in the outline of strategies that help clients distribute their products to where they are highly requested. Read More

It is one thing to enhance the production of products and it is another thing to help supply these goods to where they are needed. So to achieve a strategic supplying, we help reduce unnecessary costs and taxes that add to the expenditure incurred during the whole processes, while also protecting their privacy of important documents and costings.

These services cover:

  • Shorten Timeline for Delivery

  • Reduce Unnecessary Goods Taxation

  • Shipment of products no matter the weights / types

  • Safe distribution of products from warehouse to offices.


Creative Business Solutions

We proffer creative solutions that usher clients into remarkable pathway and help them avert risks that could deter Read More

the gains and progress of their organization. We provide more than just creative solutions, for we also provide news related content to improve ideas and to seek alternative ways to solve problems. With a diverse background, also a variety of skillsets, as well as a diversity of race, gender, and cultural backgrounds help being an all-rounder, tackling the problem.

We also offer the following:

  • Widen the knowledge on clients on business

  • Facilitate the prosperity of clients

  • Extensive training


Import and export of products

We specialize in the importation and exportation of products within countries and across various borders. Read More

We propose the type of delivery methods that interest clients and thereafter follow routes with legal custom clearance. We update clients on international policies and delivery / tax and scheduling of shipment / air freight dates, to sensitize them when to channel goods across international borders. We gather the right details, certificates, legal documents, payment, import/export policies, before exporting. This is important as the international law of trade and prices are always changing.

Our services include:

  • Briefing on international policies on delivery/taxation

  • Work with legit custom clearance

  • Sensitization on policies of import/export of product

  • Detailed Packing List


Worldwide Delivery across International borders

We offer the best of delivery service that encompasses the import and export of products. We work with best service Read More

recommended, trusted provider for delivery at competitive price, economically friendly and cost saving. We can arrange for the clients or the clients can provide us their trusted shipper or courier services alongside with our import and export services. We will seek for alternative delivery routes for any highly dangerous classified goods for our customer as well.

We guarantee:

  • Import and export of products

  • Affordable shipment

  • Reduce cost unnecessary taxation

  • Sea / Air / Land Freight


Wholesaling and distribution of products

Our wholesale service rekindles a fast present of products on the market and this spreads with time. Read More

We are also available to wholesale and distribute goods because we are not affiliated to a single industry but available always for your products. Please, contact us if you have a product you intend to wholesale, we endeavour to work with your budget.

Our service encompasses:

  • Wholesale and distribution

  • Tracking of delivered products


International standard packaging

We aim for the packaging of products to meet the international standard package while being mindful of the requirements Read More

of the clients. On conscious packaging – Exclusiventure tries to attain sustainability on the cost of packaging and ensuring to develop products through careful consideration of packaging ideas with our designers in order to fulfil international environmental standards. We offer the service of repackaging that stylizes your products to meet or qualify the international standard. We have a team of experts that will render an effective packaging that you need from the tech packer to the sampling coordinator till the finishing stage.

We also offer the following:

  • Proper guide on the package of Product

  • Package for various modes of shipment

  • Economically cost friendly packaging

  • Package for various types of Product


Creating Graphics

We help in the creation of beautiful and meaningful logos that projects the principle of a brand, as well as for Read More

start-up companies needs such services which will come handy while developing their products. That is, we also ensures that we create illustrations base on the design brief or design objectives / themes - for their merchandise of various products that will help improve the quality and identification of the product.

We are proficient also in:

  • Logo editing and remodelling

  • Comprehensive Brand logo development brief

  • Graphic Illustration to convert to production techniques

  • Knowledge of Cost effective Graphic for production


Products that tell a story through images

Images tell more about a product sometimes and this is why we specialize in product photography to help project the Read More

prominence of a product. Our company with the best local creatives (Singapore – Based) to help you create images that unveils the hidden value of a products through conceptual shots, editing and coloring. We make high-quality pictures perfect for website contents. We ensure that these images narrate more story about your brand. In the capturing of quality product images,

we render the following:

  • Editing and Coloring

  • Integrating of products' images

  • Conceptual Photography

  • Creative Direction

  • Indoor / Outdoor shoots

  • Campaign / Lookbook Shoots


Marketing Videos

Exclusiventure entrenches video producers that alloy the fears of clients who are terrified about videos to help Read More

bloom the marketing of their products. We also specialize in stitching videos with enticing views that suits product featuring and the likes. As we work with the local creative communities (Singapore-based at the moment), we leverage on local creative to provide more opportunities for their works to be seen.

We offer the following alongside to aid the production of quality videos:

  • Cinematographing and video making

  • Video editing and colorizing

  • Highlight clips

  • Corporate Videos


Develop Well-Structured Web

We render the service of web development because the present mode of marketing has been driven to the realm of technology. Read More

A proper web development is like a key digital brand ambassador for your company, this is a way to better connect, understand the business, get new clients, get people interested– more so, it helps indicate the nature of your company. However, we implore prospective clients to call for our service to help them create amazing website for their products.

We render also:

  • WordPress, HTML, Shopify

  • Interface set-up for easy understanding

  • Redevelopment of aesthetics, user experience

  • Cross-browser friendly

  • Hosting and more.


Curate with the Times

Curating contents that help catapult your brand to the limelight is a very crucial thing which helps Read More

a product triumph in a competitive market. We will help you curate contents and also manage this to attract wide range of audience.

We also render:

  • Social media management

  • Tracking of trends

  • Curation of attracting contents

  • Increase of audience

  • Promotion of brands