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    If you are looking for quality project managers or consultant like below

    • Significant communication to product developers and factories that are able to produce basic upper and outsole tech packs.

    • Best in technical knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make quality designed products.

    • Speed generation of ideas and vast in the proffer of solution to complex designs.

    • Quick to finish all tasks while abiding to the plans and projects of the organization.

    • Able to create coherent design language that is clear and easy to understand in order to make the brand attractive.

    • Skilled at the engagement, interpretation, and contribution to product briefs.

    • Working effectively to different price points and target FOB’s in order to achieve the desired margin.

    • Extensive experience in the use of Leathers, Synthetics, textiles and knitted constructions.

    • Consideration of customers during the decision making process while not neglecting global trends.

    • Knowledge of shape and proportion to help give a decisive eye to details and refinements.

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    How does the Consult works ?

    • We will require a full information of your particular details and intentions. Please be specific*.

    • We will review the details base on submission / we can choose not to respond for unfilled particulars.

    • We will send you an email for the eligibility of the consult. ( We will proceed with the consult upon approval by our company only. )

    • Clientele should initiate the payment and email us the screenshot / details of the payment, once they are eligible.

    • We will schedule a consultation date / email and revised your consult queries for confirmation, if there are changes.

    • We will prepare the necessary information ( detailed analysis ) needed for your perusal / consult.

    • A General Consult / Review Charge - for your fully submitted particular details will be charged at $200.00 USD, before commencing on any development.

    • Free consult * service will only be provided as part of the paid selected development, whilst consult for other types of product development / services – Charges will apply accordingly*

    • Consult for Generic Quotation / Ball Park Quote only* - 80.00 USD per email quote, no questions answered.

    ( Payment to be made prior consult. Non-refundable, One-time payment. )
    Please email us the screenshot of the payment details to schedule a consult. Via Paypal – To

    Via Email / Written :

    • Per / General Consult / 2 - 3 question - $220.00 USD / per email.

    • Per / General Consult / 2 - 3 question - $220.00 USD / per email.

    Via Phonecall / Audio :

    • General Consult. Per duration / 2-3 question : 1- 20 minutes - $280.00 USD

    • General Consult. Per duration / unlimited question : 1 - 40 mins - $1000.00USD

    • General Consult. Per duration / up to 7 question : 1 - 20 mins – $500.00 USD

    • Detailed Consult. – Base on specific queries / 1 - 20 mins - $500.00 - $2000.00 USD


    We will strictly follow the time frame for the audio consult and please refrain from asking more than what was prepared. You can reschedule with us for the next consult if you have further questions and related development enquiries.

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