What We Offer ?

What We Offer ?

What we Offer ?


A consultation meeting will be arranged to plan the product customisation and timeline.You will be in touch with our sales representatives. If needed to be, we recommend a sample order to check the quality, before the mass production. Consultation fees may apply.


Once the sampling phase is satisfactory, we will proceed with the larger production. Usual quantities range from 500 - 10 000 depending on the product. We will bill under the organization name and ship to the intended shipping address.


All orders have the option to ship via air or sea freight depending on timeline. Tax and courier fees will be incurred separately base on contract agreement.


We offer tiered pricing for purchases depending on your order, volume, specific requirements and production timeline. We can structure deals to fulfil your needs. A full payment is required to request for a product sample. 50-80% deposit payment is required to make the bulk order. Upon completion of order, the balance payment needs to be made. We accept payments in Cheque, Bank Transfer, AliPay and WeChat Pay. We are happy to work with your corporate finance team to structure the best payment methods that works for you.


Due to mass producing of the order, you may expect a couple of defects. We accept the returns on individual items in the unlikely scenario of defective products within 14 days from the receipt of the products unless stated otherwise in the project brief. Please note that slight colour and finish variations are not considered defects. Upon return off products, we may provide a partial refund unless there are other deals made in exchange.


Excited with what EXCLUSIVENTURE has to offer? Simply drop us an email at Project@exclusiventure.com . Our corporate Sales Representative is readily available to be in touch with you.